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Most physical wounds we sustain in the course of our lives heal by themselves and leave at most a small scar. Some wounds, however, arise as a consequence or as a symptom of an underlying disease. Without the correct know-how and appropriate products, healing is lengthy or impossible. Moreover, wounds are the entry point for bacteria into our bodies and this can have devastating results. This is why a professional wound management with appropriate infection prophylaxis is sensible. In most cases, poor or slow-healing wounds are associated with great pain. For patients, this means the success of a professional wound and infection management is linked to regaining quality of life. A professional wound and infection management is based on three components. The first component consists of the medical competence of the doctors, their diagnoses and initiation of causal treatment.

The second component consists of the qualified nurses, who have a further qualification in wound management and take part in ongoing professional development. Only a highly qualified professional will recognise the cause of a wound or its poor healing and implement the optimal treatment.

The third component is the wide range of modern wound management products and dressing materials which are available to the wound manager today.

These three components and their careful coordination contribute greatly to the success of a professional wound management and lead to faster wound healing, an improvement in patients’ lives and, not least, lower health costs. These three components also support the goals of treatment, which are the same for nearly all wounds:

  • to support fast and effective wound healing
  • to avoid infection
  • to reduce pain
  • to minimalise scar formation
  • to restore damaged skin
  • to regain mobility

has been part of such a network for decades and with its team of qualified wound managers plays an active role in consultation, therapy selection and management and application training. Its success lies particularly in its close contact with the medical profession and industry and, not least, in the great emphasis placed on wound prophylaxis. Our first priority is to distinguish between those cases that need to be referred and those that do not, i.e. never to step over the bounds of our capabilities and expertise or enter territory reserved exclusively for doctors.

As a partner of all Austrian health insurance bodies, we also provide the service of clarifying and processing costs with the responsible health insurance company.

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