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The term “medical suppliers” became established in the early 70s as the term used to describe companies which supply medical and sanitary products (bandage, incontinence products, etc.). Older terms such as “truss maker” are still used but hardly provide an insight into the broad scope of activity of such a company.

maierhofer is one of the leading modern medical suppliers today. Its highly qualified professionals from the most varied medical disciplines all possess the exceptional ability to respond to psychological needs. For decades the company has been working in close cooperation with clinics, well-established doctors and therapists, guaranteeing a range of products and services based on the latest technical advances.

For 30 years already, maierhofer has been following the philosophy that our customers and patients should be advised and cared for in an appropriately intimate environment and be offered an extremely broad range of products in every field to guarantee optimal care on a completely individual basis.

In addition to first class performance in the various specialist fields, we are constantly engaged in the challenging task of making sure our products combine effectiveness with design appeal, thus increasing patient and customer acceptance. Terms such as “prophylaxis”, “well-being” and “comfort” are fully compatible with “fashionable”, “sporty” and “exclusive”, this being exactly our philosophy.

We are well aware of the care and attention we owe our patients and customers. For this very reason, many years ago we set ourselves the goal of providing products which enable our patients and customers to enjoy a better, more unrestricted and pain-free life, products you can happily associate with reliability, comfort and in some cases even fashion.

We would be delighted to meet any visitors to our website personally and, with the help of our knowledge and products, assist them in making their lives more enjoyable.

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