Freedom of decision, independence and quality of life

Since the end of the 1960s, maierhofer has firmly established intself as one of the most well known and successful businesses in the rehabilitation technology field. As in all our business ventures, maierhofer represents not only a comprehensive range of products and care options but also a very particular philosophy. Our yardstick is the acceptance and satisfaction of our customers and partners who bear the costs. With our products we wish to provide independence, freedom of decision and quality of life.

We have achieved and are able to maintain our high standards of performance and quality through continued training and close cooperation with rehabilation centres, excellent doctors and therapists. Alongside all the more standard care services, we place most emphasis on patients who require the highest level of specialised knowledge and product expertise.
Last but not least, we owe the successful implementation of our philosophy and our achievements to our cooperation with the world’s most renowned producers as well as the Austrian state welfare system, which in the majority of cases enables this high level of care. I would like to thank visitors to this site for their interest and hope that its contents are of benefit.

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Head of Rehabilitation technology and homecare