QUALITY – the key to our continued success

In all of our activities we set ourselves the highest quality standards. Every year we undergo external quality testing which, together with continued staff training, not only determines the high quality demands on ourselves but also guarantees that all of our customers and patients are provided for in accordance with the latest advances in technology, research and development. For this reason, maierhofer also has its own internal safety and Quality Management.

The maierhofer company and all its fields of activity are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. In addition, our employees from all fields regularly undergo external training programmes which are internationally highly renowned.

maierhofer only distributes and produces products compatible with and certified to national and international product and safety standards.

In addition to all the technical aspects of quality, we place great emphasis on “human quality” in all our activities. This fundamental professional approach is enacted through our discretion, extreme courtesy, empathy and understanding towards our customers and patients with respect to the difficult life situations they are facing.

Our certification can be viewed here.