Centre for Lymphology

The focus of our activity in the lymphology field is on patients suffering from lymphoedema. For over 20 years maierhofer has been involved in the field of lymphology, focusing activities primarily on compression therapy. This commitment lasting for more than two decades is closely associated with the work of Prim. Dr.Walter DÖLLER, one of the outstanding pioneers in the lymphology field in Austria. At the beginning of the 1990s, Primarius Dr. Walter DÖLLER enabled us to have our employers in this field trained at the FÖLDI Clinic in Hinterzarten (D) – the leading centre of excellence for lymphology. This continuous training programme and lasting cooperation with Prim. Dr. DÖLLER have turned us into one of Austria’s leading companies in compression therapy for lymphoedema.

The maierhofer company is an integral part of the Austrian Centre of Excellence for Lymphology at the Regional Hospital  of  Wolfsberg. This centre of competence has 20 acute care beds and 60 rehabilitation beds and under the leadership of Primarius Dr. Walter DÖLLER has achieved prominence far beyond the regional level.

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