We all want to get old, but nobody wants to be old!

As long as the ageing process is accompanied by the best possible physical and mental health, it is considered for the most part enjoyable. Although we are getting older, the so-called “diseases of modern society” are on the rise and ageing is predominantly associated with frailty, disability, illness and increasingly with dementia. However, ageing is not the whole story!

What would happen if you or someone close to you through a stroke of fate needed continuous medical care? Their whole life and that of their family’s would change.

For more than three decades, maierhofer has been involved in the area of homecare. As Austria’s largest fitters and suppliers of retirement homes, we can transfer our accumulated experience to care at home. How can rooms be adapted economically? Which care resources enable and facilitate optimal care, which institutions are the appropriate contacts for each problem, how can we finance … many questions which can become overwhelming.

With both of our departments – homecare and Care Device Management (CDM) – we are a highly specialised partner for all those concerned in this sudden and unforeseeable new situation.

Take our word for it – we can guide and help you!

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Head of Rehabilitation technology and Homecare