Highest standards and expertise, respectability, flexibility and fairness

These qualities form the philosophy on which all of our professional activities are based. This philosophy accompanies us permanently and is the reason for the continued success and growth of our company in the last 60 years.

Founded in 1949 as an orthopaedic workshop in Wolfsberg, Kärnten, the company specialised in the prosthetic care of war and civilian invalids and became a renowned developer, producer and supplier of prosthetic components for the orthopaedic industry. In the last few decades, the companied has evolved from the traditional field of technical orthopaedics, becoming a nationally and internationally renowned producer and provider in seven distinct areas

Technical Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation Technology, Medical Supplies, Centre for Lymphology, Homecare, Care Device Management and Wound Management

In 1992, a new department was established with Property Installation and Project Management. With over 300 national and international references in the area of interior design (planning, overall concept and installation) of welfare centres, nursing homes and clinics, maierhofer is Austria’s largest and most successful provider in this sector today. In the project management field, the company specialises in large medical equipment technology (MRT, CT and angiography), working in cooperation with SIEMENS Austria among others.

This website should not only give information about our activities but also provide an insight into how we perceive our work and deal with our challenges. We have created this website in the hope that it will provide you with the knowledge you were seeking. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to maierhofer.

Please note:
In the interests of simplicity, gender-specific wording has sometimes been used. maierhofer GmbH would like to point out that the masculine form used for people refers equally to men and women.