CARE DEVICE ManagementAdvice and support in the medical care resources field for patients in healthcare institutions and at home.

CARE DEVICE Management (CDM) in our company has developed from the homecare field. With its establishment, we can respond to the ever-changing requirements facing our company in referring patients from clinics to out-of-hospital care (follow-up treatment through GPs, homecare, rehabilitation, admission to nursing homes etc.). In order for our core competences to be optimally incorporated in the patient referral process, maierhofer has developed this range of services and is the first and, to date, the only company in the health sector in Austria that has introduced CARE DEVICE Management©.

CARE DEVICE Management is a range of services whereby individual care requirements in the medical care resources field are determined by experts, and the optimal care options are organised, coordinated, implemented, documented and assessed. The whole process takes place in close cooperation with hospital departments, welfare services and hospital referral managers as well as care and health institutions. “Incorporated into this range of services and accompanied by family support, the provision of medical care resources to patients should be immediate, practical and appropriate to needs. It should be linked to the concept of medical care resources optimisation and not the fulfilment of demand!” (maierhofer GmbH, 2010)

The maierhofer company is not responsible for the care and referral of patients. With regard to its core competences, it is a partner to referral managers, a specialist advisor for products and services and supporter to patients and their families.

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